Online Betting

Since betting first went online in the 1990's there has been an explosion in the number of gambling sites for you to choose from. Whilst choice is a good thing, it can sometimes make it difficult to find exactly what you're looking for.

This site is the culmination of thousands of hours of research, testing and categorising to bring you an in depth guide to betting online. We cover a variety of different types of bets including sports betting as well as casino, bingo and poker games all of which can be legally done online for real money.

Below you'll find a list of our top recommendations for players in the UK and Europe. Other countries are often accepted as well, but this isn't always the case. For non UK/EU visitors we've written a series of guides which you may find more useful including Australia, Canada and the USA.

Best Betting Sites For April, 2017 (UK & EU)

Online Gambling Sites

As we mentioned earlier in the page, we cover a variety of different betting topics ranging from betting on sports through to playing casino games. Each topic has it's own section on the site with recommendations of betting websites.

General Gambling


Not all betting sites accept players from all countries, so who you can bet with is going to depend on where you live. To help you identify suitable sites we use a system of flags and notes throughout the site which should quickly indicate which betting sites accept players from your country. 

For casino, we have also written a series of guides for players from various english speaking countries, including:


Following on from the country guides, we also provide support for currencies. These guides aren't quite as in depth as the country ones, but should help you find somewhere that accepts your native currency.

For less common currencies you may find that you can deposit and withdraw in it, and even maintain your balance in it, but that bets are placed in another currency such as Euros or US Dollars. Despite this, it's still worth finding a site that lets you transact in the same currency as your bank as it will help reduce transaction costs.

You can find a list of the more popular currencies below and the full list can be found on our currency page.

Payment Methods

There is a surprisingly large number of ways you can use to deposit and withdraw at an online betting site. Ranging from simply using the plastic you have in your wallet (although read this about article on Debit v Credit cards if you're depositing using Visa/Mastercard) through to eWallets, vouchers, virtual payment systems and even handing your cash to a bookies in a high street shop or being totally anonymous with bitcoin.

Again we've listed the most popular deposit methods below, and you can find the full list on our banking page.


For each site shown on we've written detailed reviews which you'll find in this section. We made the decision to combine the products into one review per brand - so, for example, we have one Bet365 review covering Bet365's sportsbook, casino, poker and bingo sites.

The reason for this is that a lot of the information - such as who they are, licensing, banking and currencies - is the same for all products and it didn't make sense to repeat ourselves four times for each multi-product site. We also believe it helps build a stronger picture of the site and helps make a better decision about who to join.

You can see our most popular reviews below, with a full list on our reviews page.


This site started life under another name - Good Bonus Guide ( - and move to it's new home in late 2016. First launched in 2006 the website primarily focussed on bonuses, covering lists based on product, country, language, currency and payment method. And whilst we still have that information on site, we've grown to also incorporate reviews, guides and various articles that go beyond simply listing bonus offers. For this reason we decision to rebrand to a more suitable name.

Whilst we've chosen a .eu domain, we're very much a global site and players from most countries should be able to find something suitable within these virtual pages.

So, who are we? Based in London in the UK, the team behind have decades of experience in the gambling industry between them, covering both online and land based gaming. We run a series of websites offering guides, reviews and general betting wisdom as well as local information sites aimed at people who like to do their gambling in person - such as the UK Casino Guide which provides a directory of land based casinos in the United Kingdom.


We also wanted to say thanks to a few people for assistance with the site including The Canadian Gambler for his help researching the Canadian section of the site and Ben from Bonus Betting for general advice and guidance whilst expanding our sports betting section.

Responsible Gambling

Finally, a word on responsible gambling. For most people, placing a bet on a football match or playing roulette in the casino is a harmless form of entertainment. But for some it can get out of control. 

Please ensure that your betting, be it online or real world, is sensible. That you bet within your means, never chase losses and only ever do it when you enjoy it. To quote Gamble Aware, When The Fun Stops, Stop.

If you feel like you're gambling too much, or want to get advice on problem gambling, then the following excellent organisations can help: